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ISO CORE (28 Servings | Net weight: 700g)

ISO CORE is a fast-absorbing protein that has been developed for the purpose of delivering 22g protein per 25g serving with virtually zero sugar, carbs or fats.  Most people have lactose sensitivities/ intolerances which is why we have formulated ISO CORE – this isolate protein is lactose free due to the breakdown phase during production.

The introduction of ISO CORE to the market ensures that there is a product that supports optimal recovery and the growth, maintenance and protection of lean muscle. These benefits can’t be outweighed by any downsides – being lightweight, protein-packed and free from unnecessary sugars and carbs, ISO CORE is your go-to product when reaching your lean muscle goals.

  • Added digestive enzymes for easy digestion.
  • Zero lactose.
  • Only 7 ingredients, no fillers or unnecessary ingredients.
  • 87 Calories per serving.